Wheel alignment

3D wheel alignment

Accuracy: measurement accuracy and adjustment accuracy 100%, the repeat measurement accuracy ±2’ ( the car drive on and drive out of the lift platform, and the lift platform raise up or lower down 10 times.)

Stability: Independent development and regular update of the software, good performance in error correction and anti-interference ability, running smoothly, stable, corresponding synchronized, human-machine interaction, simple operation.

distance(8cm), help system, widely covered the vehicle model, adaptable to the environment, a wide range of measurement.

2 post lift

2 post hydraulic lift has the advantages of simple operation, safety and reliability, is the good equipment for the automotive repairing, maintenance, and  adapted to lifting of medium and small car with the total weight of not exceeding 3.5-4T.

Tyre changer

Pneumatic tilting arm, dual assistance arm, adjustable bead breaker.

360 degree rotary combined type tyre pressing head head and high power motor are suitable for demount and mount bigger and wider high class tyres, 26”

Wheel balancer

Deluxe design. Bigger machine cabinet, and steel bottom stand.

High precision main shaft assure the repeated measuring accuracy.

With Multiple Alternative balance modes.

With self -calibration and self-diagnosis functions.


Scissor lift

Adopt the hidden shearing tye structure, small space is occupied.

Independent control box, low voltage control, goods safety performance.

Hydraulic volume synchronous oil cylinder, synchronized and stable operation platform.